A Rainy Day

So your wedding is a couple weeks away and you are still checking weather.com every day. Why? Because when you booked your outdoor venue for wintertime or spring in California the last thing on your mind was rain, especially in this drought! With no more than one weeks notice, there it is…65 degrees with a 60% chance of rain on your big day. Don’t get too discouraged, you have plenty of trendy options!

  1. Go with a tent– This may be on the high priced scale but it could be worth saving those brand new Manolo’s from muddy ground! If your wedding is an outdoor venue, it’s better to be safe under a tent rather than wishing you had one. You can go for a clear tent and still get that complete outdoor feel. Clear tent
  2. Stock up on some old fashioned umbrellas– Let’s get real: who has not fantasized about kissing in the rain under a cute umbrella? Your dream has come true!                                                                                                    umbrella kiss
  3. Opt for a cute winter fur coat– So there’s no rain but just a bit chilly. (If you’re anything like me, weather under 70 degrees is cold) LOL Be prepared with an adorable fur shrug to keep warm.                                                           fur shrug
  4. Outdoor heaters– A great way to keep your guests happy at their table is to keep them warm! A couple of heaters spread through out the reception goes a long way.
  5. Keep your positivity! Nothing can ruin a day faster than a bad attitude. Remember you get to spend the rest of your life with your best friend! A little rain just makes it that much  more fun;)                                                        rain2     rain1

Hope this helps you see the silver lining in the chance of a down pour; no matter what the weather,  your wedding will be as great as you make it!


Your VIP Team

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