A Way to Say, “Thank You”

So in the spirit of “thanks” and “giving,” there are people that are sometimes overlooked when it comes to the wedding day. People who have been there for you in your lives individually or as a couple, and now they are there as witnesses on your big day…your guests!

Thank you sign

Even with the honor of being invited, the great food, drinks, and fun that come a long with your wedding it’s special to go an extra mile to say “thank you for coming” to your guests. Here are some simple ideas that make your guests feel like you were thinking about them.

  1. Personalized Cup-Whether it’s their own wine glass for the night, water goblet, or mug, a cute drinking glass is a great way to go! At this wedding at the Hamilton Oaks Winery, each place setting was fixed with a “mustache mug” with the couple’s name and wedding date printed on.                                                               View More: http://photos.pass.us/chelsey-and-chris-vendor-photos
  2. Late Night Snack- Keep it simple with grab bags for guests on the way out! Fill it with cookies and milk, some protein bars, or even gum!                              late night snack
  3. Mixed-CD for the ride home- This is a fun surprise for guests that they won’t expect! Put together some of your favorite songs as a couple or even the playlist of your ceremony to keep it in their memories for the drive home.             soundtrack
  4. Photo Booth- Definitely a wedding favorite! And now there are so many options: you can print strips, 5”X7” pictures, mini-books, and even little videos.         photo booth
  5. Stuffed Jars- Filling jars with anything small is a winner. Popcorn, coffee beans, jelly beans, (just keep thinking of little beans)…                         thank you jars

These are some DIY projects that will be fun to do with your Bridesmaids! Have a favor party while you form an assembly line and prepare for the big day. These little details seem tedious but actually say a HUGE “thank you.”

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Your VIP Team

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