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Wedding Wednesday: Nico and Chantal

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Nico and Chantal pledged their vows to each other at the classic VIP Mansion and had the whole audience in tears. Their personal vows sounded like that of pure poetry. Lucky for us Brian Perry captured the love between them perfectly in this wedding video.

Congratulations Nico and Chantal! We wish you nothing but happiness and love!

XOXO, Your VIP Team

The Bridal Bouquet

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In history, herbs and spices were used during weddings to ward off evil spirits.  Ancient Greeks and Romans would wrap a garland of spices and herbs around the Bride and Groom to symbolize new life, hope, and fertility. As time progressed, the fragrances became more meaningful. Eventually, the “flower language” was invented. Romantic lovers used flowers to communicated their feelings instead of letters…hopefully they spoke the same language! (I’m sure there were plenty of mix ups there) Nowadays, couples choose the flowers for their weddings because they like them. It’s all about personal style now; flowers are so beautiful, we’re glad we can pick what we want! We’ve put together some styles of the bridal bouquet that are perfect for any Bride.



bouquetcascadeThe Brooch Bouquet:

bouquetbrooch Country/Rustic:


bouquetromance  Add some Bling: 

bouquetblingBright and Colorful:

bouquetcolorfulsummer There are endless options for any style bride. One of the most helpful things to do when choosing your flowers is to have a consultation with your florist to discuss the flowers that are in season. They can even help you save money by using more cost effective flowers and still get the look you want! Good luck and happy planning!


Your VIP Team


Wedding in the Canyon

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One of our favorite venues, Villa Contempo, proves itself to be a hidden gem. The distinct  architecture with the hillside and canyon view, create the most beautiful backdrop for a mansion wedding!VCT1

VCT2VCT3 The bold red and orange colors make the view really pop and give the flowers great texture set behind the mountains. VCT4VCT5VCT6VCT7VCT8This venue is perfect for anyone with the taste for something different and who loves modern architecture!

VCT9 VCT10Geesh we sure our lucky to get to swoon over such great venues! Enjoy!


Your VIP Team


Thing are a Few of Our Favorite Things

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Winter Wedding Color Palettes 

It’s beginning to look a lot like…winter. Finally! We are thirsty for some rain and weather change here in Southern California and the weddings are ready to change right along with mother nature. The cozy months of winter allow for so many great color options that are inviting and just as beautiful as any spring or summer palette.

Rosey Reds- Reds are a traditional favorite for the winter time; but traditional doesn’t mean boring. Red is the color of love and passion. With compliments of blue hues, blush’s, or greens it softens the red making this palette completely winter appropriate.

Winter wedding color winter wedding2

Icy Blues- The best part about colors is that there are so many! We love that different shades evoke different feelings and atmosphere’s. If you’re wanting to be a Frozen Princess, you don’t have to “let it go” just because there is no white on the ground; the ice blue color ties in the winter feel without the snow fall.

winter wedding 6

winter wedding9

Midnight blues- For a more dramatic flair, go for a deeper blue palette. This is the perfect compliment to the night sky looking at the stars.

winter wedding4winter wedding10

Natural Greens- Have you ever heard the term, “shake what your mama gave you?” Well the same principle applies here! Use the inspiration of nature in everything you do. From green pines to adorable pine cones, we love natural!

winter wedding7winter wedding3

There are so many possibilities with colors (not all listed here) and winter time makes it that much more fun! Enjoy your holiday season!


Your VIP Team