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With your fall wedding approaching it is time to start sending out your invitations! The invite is one of the first things your guests will see that dictate your wedding style. Whether it’s elegant, modern, shabby chic, or simple, the invitation sets the tone of your wedding. 123Lucky for you there are so many different tools and options to not only help in the selection of the style but also in invite etiquette. Recently, Wedding Paper Divas posted a “How to” in addressing your wedding invitations. Instructions on addressing a married couple, unmarried couple, married couple with different last names, doctors and more are in the article as a guide for your addressing needs. For the titles that you are unsure of, there is a generator on their website that creates the address for you! (wow, how did they do it back in the day??) 11 10

Typically, your invites are sent out 6-8 weeks before the wedding. Gather your guest list and addresses well before then, and even keep a record of the labels so you can use for future thank-you notes, holiday cards, etc. After all of the effort you put into the invitation selection and wording, I promise you one of the best feelings is receiving your first RSVP card back in the mail! It’s a confirmation that, yes, this is happening; you are getting married!

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Happy Planning!

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Wedding Wednesday: Nico and Chantal

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Nico and Chantal pledged their vows to each other at the classic VIP Mansion and had the whole audience in tears. Their personal vows sounded like that of pure poetry. Lucky for us Brian Perry captured the love between them perfectly in this wedding video.

Congratulations Nico and Chantal! We wish you nothing but happiness and love!

XOXO, Your VIP Team

Old Tradition with a Modern Twist

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Let’s face it, there are not many couples looking to wed in a traditional church anymore. With this boom of modern weddings, more and more Brides and Grooms are tying the knot  in outdoor ceremony venues. We are not knocking those beautiful church weddings (#katemiddleton), just stating the facts. Speaking of this new age, many Brides are opting to bring tradition to this “modern” ceremony.  One way to do this is to bring the church outside! By bringing in church pews to an outdoor ceremony, you create the perfect blend of creativity and time-honored seating.


weddingRecently, VIP Events and Weddings was fortunate enough to provide these beautiful church pews for a featured wedding on the Hallmark Channel. Are you familiar with those three little words that made so many of us ball like a baby and use a whole box of tissues?? “MOVE…THAT…BUS!” Extreme Home Makeover designer and carpenter, Paige Hemmis, had us swooning over the amazing houses the team would create and build. Now she is flipping houses with her fiancé Jason Short in Las Vegas, NV.

Our VIP Team had a great time at the Universal Studios in California delivering and setting up for Paige and Jason’s big day! Here are some sneak peak photographs of the wedding setup. The wedding airs June 22nd, 2015 @ 8:00PM on the Hallmark Channel. onset onset3 onset2 onset4Click here for Paige and Jason’s Wedding Website, which has more info and videos.  Tune in on Monday to see this traditional, DIY wedding with lots of twists!


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Wedding Wednesday

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Happy Wedding Wednesday! To celebrate, we’ve put together some great ideas for your welcome table at your wedding! The welcome table is typically the first thing the guests see that indicate your theme/style. There are many ways to display this table; here are a few for your inspiration!

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There are so many perfect ways to display your table! And it can include any of the following: guest book, cards, pictures, sign, program, etc… Happy Planning!


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You Can Actually Have Fun Planning Your Wedding- Here’s How!

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Remember the feeling of excitement you would get to go home, jump on your computer, and start mindlessly adding pictures to your “Dream Wedding” board? This was before you got the ring…now you have been engaged for months, almost there, and there’s more feelings of dread for this joyous day rather than joy. What happened? destressAbout two weeks before our wedding, I told my husband, “We should’ve eloped.” He looked at me perplexed, then with a laugh and a sigh communicated, “That would’ve been easier.” How did we get here? How did I get here? I had been planning my nuptials for years and could not have been more excited to be marrying the man of my dreams. I think more couples fall into this trap than expected; the FUN gets sucked out of the planning! It starts fun, but then add in making decisions, your opinions, your mother-in-laws opinions, your great uncle’s allergy issues, your best friend can’t make it, your bridesmaids hate the colors you’ve chosen, and the list goes on and on. When I look back, the whole process is a blur but I can remember the moments that made all of the difference and kept me from wanting to run away from it all.

Make Time to Dream– You will be entering into a whole new life as a married couple with so many new adventures ahead. Go to the beach, mountains, or a park and just think about what you want your life to be like as a committed team. Over time dreams grow and change, but this is such a special opportunity to really think about what is possible! Maybe even make your own dream board together to look back on over the years.

Go on Dates– Go out! Make a plan: dinner and a movie, mini golf, game night. This is one of the best de-stressors! Hopefully, you will be going on dates for the rest of your life so keep up this habit! The one condition is YOU CANNOT TALK ABOUT THE WEDDING.  There are plenty of opportunities to make wedding decisions or express worry and concern, but a date is not one of them. Focus on enjoying each others company.

Stop Trying to Please Everyone– This is a hard one. We obviously want to consider everyone, especially if they are family or close friends, however, the opinions of others cannot dictate your every decision or emotion. This will drive you crazy! Whenever there is a new life stage, (i.e. marriage, baby, house) out of the goodness of their hearts, people will freely tell you exactly how to do everything and what you should do. AKA what they did. I will admit that I am guilty of this but from former bride to bride: just remind yourself that this is about you and your fiancé.

Spend Time with your Family– Especially the week of the wedding, you will need this time to decompress and relax. Whether it’s your parents, siblings, aunt, uncle, or grandma,  choose to be around the people that give you a sense of “home.” (even if it’s just for breakfast)

Dance at Your Wedding– It’s time to celebrate!! Let go of the past months, little details, and enjoy the biggest party that will ever be thrown in your honor! Even if you are “not a dancer,” the whole idea is to have a smile on your face and relish is this new beginning.

The stresses of planning a wedding can be straining on your relationships, health, and even future marriage. All of which can take the fun out of a time that could potentially be one of the best memories of your life. We hope these little tips help you take a step back and bring the joy into the planning process! Good luck and happy planning!


Your VIP Team