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The Bridal Bouquet

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In history, herbs and spices were used during weddings to ward off evil spirits.  Ancient Greeks and Romans would wrap a garland of spices and herbs around the Bride and Groom to symbolize new life, hope, and fertility. As time progressed, the fragrances became more meaningful. Eventually, the “flower language” was invented. Romantic lovers used flowers to communicated their feelings instead of letters…hopefully they spoke the same language! (I’m sure there were plenty of mix ups there) Nowadays, couples choose the flowers for their weddings because they like them. It’s all about personal style now; flowers are so beautiful, we’re glad we can pick what we want! We’ve put together some styles of the bridal bouquet that are perfect for any Bride.



bouquetcascadeThe Brooch Bouquet:

bouquetbrooch Country/Rustic:


bouquetromance  Add some Bling: 

bouquetblingBright and Colorful:

bouquetcolorfulsummer There are endless options for any style bride. One of the most helpful things to do when choosing your flowers is to have a consultation with your florist to discuss the flowers that are in season. They can even help you save money by using more cost effective flowers and still get the look you want! Good luck and happy planning!


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Pre-Wedding Workout

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When someone is getting married, one of the top things on their list to-do is get in shape!   Your wedding is one of those days you want to look and feel your absolute best. Some brides go overboard, get way too stressed about hitting the gym, and then give up easily. Some are not as motivated and so the idea of getting into an exercise routine can be overwhelming. Therefore, we have come up with a list of just 5 baby steps to kickstart your pre-wedding workout journey!     PWW1

1. Decide and Commit: Think about exactly what you would like to accomplish; do you need to tone up, lose inches, or shed some pounds, etc.? Now choose an exercise and eating regimen to get you closer to that goal! Generally, eating “clean” and high intensity cardio are a great combo to start with! Remember that what you eat is just as important as working out. Committing also means having accountability. Whether it’s your fiancé, a close friend, or a trainer, you will need someone to ask you how it’s going and maybe they will even hit the gym with you!      PWW2

2. Stock your closet with workout gear: There is nothing more motivating than feeling great about those new yoga pants and matching top!  Without even breaking a sweat you communicate, “Hi, I’m a serious athlete; check out the pocket in my dri-fit pull over.” Workout clothes are trending everywhere at the moment so there are some great deals you can get. Hello Fabletics by Kate Hudson! 🙂      PWW3

3. Create a playlist: Take some time, go through your iTunes account and create a specific pre-wedding workout playlist. It should be about 45 mins so you can time it with your routine. Put some songs you want played at your wedding so that you can visualize your transformed body and the big day while the song is on!       PWW4

4. Drink plenty of water: On a normal basis you need about 8 glasses of water per day; this still applies when you are getting married! Not to mention what all of this hydration will do for your skin, it will have amazing effects.      PWW5

5. Be confident and happy with yourself: At the end of the day, remember that your fiancé loves you for who you are. Out of all of the people in the world they chose YOU to be their life partner. No matter what the outcome is of your work out routine, you will radiate beauty if you are confident in your self.     PWW6PWW7

So get out there and move! Good luck!


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Wedding in the Canyon

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One of our favorite venues, Villa Contempo, proves itself to be a hidden gem. The distinct  architecture with the hillside and canyon view, create the most beautiful backdrop for a mansion wedding!VCT1

VCT2VCT3 The bold red and orange colors make the view really pop and give the flowers great texture set behind the mountains. VCT4VCT5VCT6VCT7VCT8This venue is perfect for anyone with the taste for something different and who loves modern architecture!

VCT9 VCT10Geesh we sure our lucky to get to swoon over such great venues! Enjoy!


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Dressed to Impress on the Last Night of 2014

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The last holiday of 2014 is approaching! This fantastic year led us to many beautiful weddings and fabulous people. We are ready to celebrate! As you prepare to ring in the New Year, these are some party trends we love so you can do so with style.


NYE Blog 1If you want one last fashion splurge of the year…this scooped neck sequin dress is $350.00 at and bound to be a show stopper.


NYE Gold halter dressFor an edgier look, go for this gold, halter skater dress from for $90.00

Fun and Flirty

NYE blog fun dressSpice it up with a sexy black dress. This is a sequin strap crepe body-con dress from for $198.00


NYE velvet jumpsuitDress up an item in your closet! By adding stilettos and the perfect sequin bag to this jumpsuit, you go from casual to chic in minutes. Found on for $80.00


NYE Blog accessoriesGet the look: Black shoulder bag from $17.95, lower left gold cuff from $20, lower right curved gold barrette $12 from

To Top it Off

NYE fur jacketNever go wrong (and stay warm) by throwing a (faux) fur coat over your shoulders. This black fur jacket is from for $69.95

With the right pairing and imagination, you probably have most of these items in your closet already. If not, lucky you! you get to go shopping:) Whatever you wear, we hope you have a fun, safe, and memorable New Year’s Eve in style!


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