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Thing are a Few of Our Favorite Things

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Winter Wedding Color Palettes 

It’s beginning to look a lot like…winter. Finally! We are thirsty for some rain and weather change here in Southern California and the weddings are ready to change right along with mother nature. The cozy months of winter allow for so many great color options that are inviting and just as beautiful as any spring or summer palette.

Rosey Reds- Reds are a traditional favorite for the winter time; but traditional doesn’t mean boring. Red is the color of love and passion. With compliments of blue hues, blush’s, or greens it softens the red making this palette completely winter appropriate.

Winter wedding color winter wedding2

Icy Blues- The best part about colors is that there are so many! We love that different shades evoke different feelings and atmosphere’s. If you’re wanting to be a Frozen Princess, you don’t have to “let it go” just because there is no white on the ground; the ice blue color ties in the winter feel without the snow fall.

winter wedding 6

winter wedding9

Midnight blues- For a more dramatic flair, go for a deeper blue palette. This is the perfect compliment to the night sky looking at the stars.

winter wedding4winter wedding10

Natural Greens- Have you ever heard the term, “shake what your mama gave you?” Well the same principle applies here! Use the inspiration of nature in everything you do. From green pines to adorable pine cones, we love natural!

winter wedding7winter wedding3

There are so many possibilities with colors (not all listed here) and winter time makes it that much more fun! Enjoy your holiday season!


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A Way to Say, “Thank You”

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So in the spirit of “thanks” and “giving,” there are people that are sometimes overlooked when it comes to the wedding day. People who have been there for you in your lives individually or as a couple, and now they are there as witnesses on your big day…your guests!

Thank you sign

Even with the honor of being invited, the great food, drinks, and fun that come a long with your wedding it’s special to go an extra mile to say “thank you for coming” to your guests. Here are some simple ideas that make your guests feel like you were thinking about them.

  1. Personalized Cup-Whether it’s their own wine glass for the night, water goblet, or mug, a cute drinking glass is a great way to go! At this wedding at the Hamilton Oaks Winery, each place setting was fixed with a “mustache mug” with the couple’s name and wedding date printed on.                                                               View More:
  2. Late Night Snack- Keep it simple with grab bags for guests on the way out! Fill it with cookies and milk, some protein bars, or even gum!                              late night snack
  3. Mixed-CD for the ride home- This is a fun surprise for guests that they won’t expect! Put together some of your favorite songs as a couple or even the playlist of your ceremony to keep it in their memories for the drive home.             soundtrack
  4. Photo Booth- Definitely a wedding favorite! And now there are so many options: you can print strips, 5”X7” pictures, mini-books, and even little videos.         photo booth
  5. Stuffed Jars- Filling jars with anything small is a winner. Popcorn, coffee beans, jelly beans, (just keep thinking of little beans)…                         thank you jars

These are some DIY projects that will be fun to do with your Bridesmaids! Have a favor party while you form an assembly line and prepare for the big day. These little details seem tedious but actually say a HUGE “thank you.”

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Your VIP Team

Pinterest is Your New Best Friend

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So the amazing thing about the internet is the endless amount of options and variations of ideas we are presented with! Now we have thousands of wedding blogs, websites, and search engines to help us plan the big day. This could get a tad overwhelming since most brides love A LOT of different things. Hopefully, you have heard of this great website called “Pinterest.” 😉 Now is the time to use Pinterest to your advantage! If you are having a hard time nailing down a theme or consistent ideas, it’s so easy to create a couple different boards that you can contrast and compare themes to! Here are some wedding themes I love and used my Pinterest to compare them:

Pinterest boards

Industrial Wedding- Exposed brick, pipes, minimal florals, mismatched chairs, think, “Less is more.” This style allows the venue space to be a blank canvas and for the decor to ‘paint’ on the simplicity of the walls. Get creative and think out of the box; industrial weddings are all about turning nothing into something to really catch your eye like that wooden crate turned floral chandelier on one of my pins.

Industrial photo grid

Old World Wedding- Every last detail is completely ornate yet delicate at the same time. (Make’s me think of Rose from Titanic: extremely intricate and complicated, yet she had the most graceful beauty.) That’s the look you’re going for with an Old World Wedding! Bring in old books, maps, your grandmother’s china, old passports, etc. It’s in the tiniest of details that bring this style to life.

Old World Photo Grid

Bohemian Wedding- Be one with nature with lots of wildflowers, tall grass, trees, and maybe even opt for no shoes!  This type of wedding is made to look effortless (even though there is much effort applied). Let your hair and decor fly with the wind with ribbon in trees, relaxed fit dresses, the more ‘thrown together’ the better!

Bohemian Photo Grid

Glam Wedding- Time to get your Gatsby on: glitter, sparkle, spot lights, shine…there is no limit here! You want glitz, lace, pearls, AND feathers? GO FOR IT. Love the idea of sparkly bottle of champagne as a favor.

Glam Photo Grid

Western Wedding- Western weddings are so fun and cutesy but can still bring that glam to a wedding! Using boots as a floral vase and a symbol like a horseshoe for all your paper goods gives the western vibe a cohesiveness.

Western photo grid

Tuscan Wedding- There is something so romantic and simple about olive branches, speaking Italian, and long tables with a view of the sunset. Wine, pasta, and food food food everywhere!

Tuscan Photo Grid

Timeless, Classic Wedding- All weddings are beautiful; and of course when it is your own it is absolutely unforgettable. For those who love the classic looks of white, lace, splashes of pinks and gold these timeless elements can last forever. Candles and simple colors are easy on the eye and draw all the attention to the Bride and Groom.

Timeless Photo Grid

Bright Wedding- Colors are a great feature for any wedding! They make statements and add pops that bring a fun element without saying, “Welcome to Wonderland.” To incorporate these pops of colors, focus on a core group of 4-5 colors and put them in your accents. (i.e. flowers, escort cards, ribbons, shoes, etc.) The rest of your decor can be a backdrop for these gorgeous hues to shine!

Bright Photo Grid

Being engaged is one of the most testing times in decision making. So many decisions are made (hopefully with your fiancé) in a short amount of time, it’s tempting to want to second guess yourself. But don’t look back! Choosing a central theme and gathering all of your elements around it, make your day that much more unique and memorable and help push you to keep moving forward to the big day! Happy Planning!


Your VIP Team

A Rainy Day

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So your wedding is a couple weeks away and you are still checking every day. Why? Because when you booked your outdoor venue for wintertime or spring in California the last thing on your mind was rain, especially in this drought! With no more than one weeks notice, there it is…65 degrees with a 60% chance of rain on your big day. Don’t get too discouraged, you have plenty of trendy options!

  1. Go with a tent– This may be on the high priced scale but it could be worth saving those brand new Manolo’s from muddy ground! If your wedding is an outdoor venue, it’s better to be safe under a tent rather than wishing you had one. You can go for a clear tent and still get that complete outdoor feel. Clear tent
  2. Stock up on some old fashioned umbrellas– Let’s get real: who has not fantasized about kissing in the rain under a cute umbrella? Your dream has come true!                                                                                                    umbrella kiss
  3. Opt for a cute winter fur coat– So there’s no rain but just a bit chilly. (If you’re anything like me, weather under 70 degrees is cold) LOL Be prepared with an adorable fur shrug to keep warm.                                                           fur shrug
  4. Outdoor heaters– A great way to keep your guests happy at their table is to keep them warm! A couple of heaters spread through out the reception goes a long way.
  5. Keep your positivity! Nothing can ruin a day faster than a bad attitude. Remember you get to spend the rest of your life with your best friend! A little rain just makes it that much  more fun;)                                                        rain2     rain1

Hope this helps you see the silver lining in the chance of a down pour; no matter what the weather,  your wedding will be as great as you make it!


Your VIP Team

Beautiful Bridal Showers

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Last weekend I was privileged to attend one of my best friends bridal showers. She had a lingerie themed shower which I had never gotten to experience first hand. While I always love watching the beautiful bride opening gorgeously wrapped china, soft as a cloud linens, and hand crafted kitchen essentials there was something so fun and unforgettable about this unique themed shower! Getting to see all the fun, beautiful, and sometimes sassy lingerie, pajamas and lounge wear kept the shower interesting and the attendees in hysterics! It got me thinking about all our wonderful brides we work with and I started asking if anyone else had been showered with a themed event! Here were some of my favorite ideas…

Spa Day — If you have a smaller group or ladies who love to indulge this is the perfect theme to throw the bride in your life.spadaybridalshower

Lingerie –Perfect for a younger crowd or a group who loves to laugh and tends to be more carefree.

Wine Tasting — The great thing about a wine tasting themed shower is that you can host it at your home or at a nearby winery! Our favorite? Hamilton Oaks WineryiStock_000012843134Small

Tea Party — This is such a fun theme and great for a budget friendly shower. Serve simple pastries, and english sandwiches paired with different flavors of tea for an elegant affair. Have guests wear tea party hats for added fun!

Beach Themed — Being from Southern California we just had to include a beach themed party on our list of favorites. Make it a picnic themed shower on the beach for a casual, laid back California feel!beachbridalshower



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