Glam Up your Look!

No Bride is complete without her accessories! And with the world today, the options are endless! Accessories will bring your look together and it’s the details that make you shine bright.

Hair Bling: Headbands and hair pieces draw the eyes up to your face. hair Hair Flowers: The perfect touch of romance to a soft look. hair flowers  Hand Candy: Obviously your ring will bling, so glam up your nails or wear a bracelet. hands  Veil: Not only for traditional purposes, the veil also completes the bridal look. Fun fact: almost all Groom’s picture their Bride with a veil, regardless of what the dress looks like!veil  Earrings: Dangling or studs, earrings brighten up the face!earrings Shoes: No Bride is complete without her bridal shoe! Have some fun and splurge because you will always remember what occasion your wore them too. 😉shoesshoes and socksUse your accessories to throw in some colors!

Happy Planning!


Your VIP Team

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